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The Closing/Settlement Process
Wonder what the process is for closing on your new home? Watch this video to see the basic flow of the closing process. 

The Elston Group offers a great relocation information package with information about things to do, places to eat, maps of the city and more. If you are moving to the Denver area or it's suburbs, you'll want a copy of this. Contact The Elston Group to get your own copy by calling 303-539-5519 or e-mailing today!
Ron Elston of The Elston Group gives you an update on current interest rates and their impact on the real estate market.
There is much more done than is explained in these videos so please contact us at 303-539-7693 if you would like to hear more details.

A recent study found that the average buyer, using The Elston Group to negotiate their purchase,
saved $18,398!  Contact us today to find out how The Elston Group gets so much more for our buyers!

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