The Five Simple Secrets to Finding the Best Properties – BEFORE Anyone Else!


The better you understand what you want in your next home, the more likely you will find it. Most buyers are not sure what they want or need when they first start looking. It is easy to just hop on the internet and start searching but, as you will see later in this report, you very well could miss the best property for you if you spend time looking online without knowing exactly what you need and where.
Years of experience have shown us that the best way to clearly understand what you want is to make up a DREAM LIST© of the items that are important to you. It’s simple, just write down everything you want or must have in your next house and decide on a scale of 1 to 3 how important each item is to you. For your own copy of our exclusive DREAM LIST CREATOR© form to use developing your list, call us at 800-355-2696 and leave a message requesting the report. We will be happy to e-mail or send you a complimentary copy! Please remember to include your e-mail or physical address in your message so we can get the report off to you quicky! It will make the difference between finding the BEST home and just second best!

SECRET #2 - Know Where You Want to Live

Nothing makes finding a home more frustrating than not being sure where you wish to live. Today, buyers will typically choose an area that may cover as much as a quarter of the Denver Metro area. The best way to define the area(s) in which you would like to live is to think about where you work and play and where you want your kids to go to school. Then drive around some. Take a look at the restaurants, businesses, parks and recreational facilities in the area as well as look at the condition of the homes, the type and condition of automobiles, see if there are lots of children playing or not. It’s amazing what the impact of just a little driving around can have.
Once you have narrowed down your selection, mark the boundaries by listing the major north, south, east and west roads that outline the area(s). Put these boundaries on your DREAM LIST CREATOR© so you can easily search on the areas you want. The Elston Group has the ability to do searches down to the specific block level so feel free to contact us if you need assistance. We’re glad to help and there is no cost to you for our assistance!

SECRET #3 - Go Look as Soon as a Potential Home Goes on the Market

Amazing as it may sound, in today’s marketplace, the hottest homes often sell in just hours or days! There is a shortage of homes on the market and most buyers are looking for a nice home that is ready to move into. Because of this, the majority of buyers all end up looking at the same few homes that are the nicest. Bidding wars between buyers is common place today and, as you can imagine, this only causes prices to go up even higher. To get your dream home, you must be ready to get out and be one of the very first to see it when a home hits the market. If you don’t, someone else will beat you to your dream home and you’ll end up having to live in what’s “left-over”. Today, it is common for buyers to end up buying the fourth and even fifth home they try to buy because they waited too long to make an offer or they lost in a bidding war. It’s no fun feeling like you have to ‘chase’ the market when buying a home!
There are two other critical secrets that you must know to find the best property BEFORE anyone else.

SECRET #4 - Get Pre-Approved Before Starting to Shop

Out of all the ideas in this report, this one is one of the most important. You see, even if you are the first to put an offer on the home of your dreams, it won’t help you out if you can’t prove that you have the ability to complete the purchase. The seller will simply turn down your offer. If you truly want to buy the best home and get it at the best price possible, you need to be completely pre-approved by a lender before even starting to look at homes. This will give you the best negotiating position and will make the entire buying process go as smoothly as possible.
Equally important is making sure you have the right lender. It is critical that the lender you choose can really get your loan done on time and will give you the rate and fees for your loan that you were originally quoted. This seems like something all lenders would just simply do but the truth is that only a few lenders can always come through in a timely manner. To receive your copy of our free list of recommended lenders, send us an e-mail at today.

SECRET #5 – Select A Buyer’s Agent to Watch for the Best Properties

When you look on the internet, there are thousands of different sites and pages of ads for properties and, as we’ve mentioned, in today’s market, the really good properties sell really fast. So how do you find these “hot” properties BEFORE they sell? It’s simple. You need someone who has the systems, tools and experience to keep their eye out everyday just for those properties that fit your needs. The Elston Group offers the latest systems to find and track the best properties for you online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We hope you enjoy the entire home buying process and have great success. Should you have any questions about the process of buying a home, developing your own DREAM LIST©, or would like our recommendation for the best lenders with a track record of getting superior results at competitive rates, just let us know what information or help you would like by sending us an e-mail to or give us call at 1-800-355-2696 ext. 3008. We would love the opportunity to assist you during your home buying adventure!